vision | my story

if you are anything like me, you have big ideas. think of crazy ideas for your life, your art, your future.

but sometimes, the ideas are so fleeting that we forget to write them down. or they seem like to big so avoiding them is a safe place to stay because failure would somehow be to much to bare. but what happens if we just actually pursue them. whats the risk – we just very well may receive all that we had dreamt of ?

this photograph was one which i had visioned for awhile. the minute jackie had mentioned a polka dot dress for their connection session…i saw this image in my head and knew i would regret it if i didn’t ask them to jump on a tandem bike and ride down the street. photographs for me are a piece of a story. they have the ability to share a message, an idea, a thought, an emotion. photographs allow me to speak, to share who i am and what i love. how i dream – see. who i am.

this image

its timeless, embracing and fleeting … it is piece of my story.

who are you?

what is your story?

how can you share it with the world?

why are you waiting?