vic and gab

i want to go real slow

i want to enjoy the view 

 because you go so fast that you disappear 
 you say you’re far from joy 

   and you can’t change that 
                                     i say oh come on                                         
it can’t be so bad  

and you come and you stay long enough to say you came 

and you don’t know how to feel 
so you’re the first to go  

- vic + gab

it comes as no surprise that one of my largest inspirations has always been lyrics + music.  i appreciate the ability for sound + words to bring about a sentiment and emotion that can take us into a new space of ourselves.

it inspires me, slows me down, forces me to feel a moment and enjoy the process.

the process of creating images around music is a blending of our stories. it connects us…the connection is that we both are pursuing our passions against all odds. writing our own way through our unique stories

just as all artists are in a way

its about a creative process, its about the flow, the purpose, the experience and the message

they are story tellers as much as i am as a photographer. hearing how many of these bands are doing it in away that they live off nothing, have second or third jobs  just to make it happen because they just want to do what they love most because they cant imagine it any other way… the passion drives our unconventional lives

watching Vic and Gab last week was no exception






honestly loving the lyrics and sound of vic and gab – do your hearts a favor and check out their music.