the morning spark

im sitting here brushing my wet hair, listening to my favorite song, coffee to my left and the sun is shining in through my windows. and it hit me how truly blessed this life is. i am about to head to julie’s mom’s house…its sure to be bustling with women  getting their hair and make up done, laughs, nerves and maybe some happy tears.i met julie less than a year ago as she greeted me in starbucks with this genuine smile that made me feel like we had been friends for years. just like her so many amazing woman have entered my life to share with me about the man they love – the dreams for their wedding day – over the course of the year we develop a friendship that i hold dear to my heart. why am i pouring this out here – because its real, this is life and these relationships mean the world to me. the trust of so many to document their special days is such an honor and i love every minute of it.

last weekend, my bride and friend, nicole said to me in the middle of the dance floor how she hoped that now that she was no longer my client if we could be friends.  i couldn’t help but hug her, holding back the tears and tell her how we are already friends…how i too felt the same.  i mean it, as much as we choose each other to work together….we also choose to allow one another into our lives. so today, for whatever reason – i am a little sentimental. really taking this feeling in, the process of the day, the emotions i am feeling about documenting two people whom i care about wedding day.

i hold that in my heart. each wedding is so unique, i learn so much about myself because of each of you. you show me what love means, what the power of it all is.

you have no clue how much i appreciate each of you and your presence in my life.

i cannot begin to express how truly grateful i am that this is the journey i am on, and that i get to have each of you along this road with me.

so thank you. i hope you know how much i am smiling behind my camera as i capture those fleeting embracing moments. i want you to know – this is all because of you.