start being an explorer

 marni: charlie is living the dream…it doesn’t matter how right you do things because you know who will live the dreams are the sad messes.

ray: marni learned another life lesson, how adorable..want a gummy frog? look you are mad because you want what he has so…stop thinking and start doing.

ray: what are your dreams, what do you really want to do?

if you want to be a curator open a gallery,

if you want to be a mother, get pregnant.

start turning that potential energy into kinetic energy.


what do you want? what is your dream? stop thinking and just tell me.

marni: just yell it out?

ray: yes,what are you feeling…whats inside of you?

marni: i want to sing, thats my dream.

ray: well thats not the route i thought you were going to go with this…

but ok, if you want to sing…you really want to sing than you have to do it now.

the clay is drying. if you want to sing … then you sing RIGHT NOW





fear is a funny thing. fear tells us where we should go…yet it has the potential to make us stay exactly where we are.

fear is a sign. you are growing. you need to trust that fear, but lets be honest its easier when you are amongst others. people to hold you accountable to being true. to being YOU.




the cave we fear to enter holds the treasure that we seek [joseph campbell]

thank you to my dear friends lauren wakefield, josh newton and erik neperud for photographing this moment of facing my fear of sharing what it is i love most

thank you DJ for reminding me that if you are nervous than its about you…and that its not about us

to my family and friends, thank you for the love, the trust, the support,the encouragement along the way

 i’m ready to share | to give | to embrace | to see | to be | to love | to serve