spinning top

around like a spinning top - twirling

the inertia keeps the top balanced but once the speed begins to lose its strength the spinning top falls to its side … to continue the dance an external force spins it again and again

it falls. it spins. falling. spinning. falling. spinning

its what is feels like

like the world has this power over me, one which i cannot control

and i guess it is true, there is something bigger spinning us around, slowing us down, letting us fall and pulling us back up

letting go of control is hard. its hard to feel something so real. to let it go in hopes and understanding. that whats meant to be will be

to allow some other force to keep us spinning – to allow us to continue to dream, to move, to pass along that energy that is in us

the inertia is in us, its in our hearts we just need to allow it to keep us from falling

photo by evan hunt