right to the core

let me see beneath your beautiful

vision and style come from within us as artists, they are a direct expression of us as people.

this year has been a soul searching journey to dig deep into my core and un think the traditional ways of approaching the photographs i produce. but in order to do so i have found a need to be brutally vulnerable and honest about who i am as a person. i have come to embrace what a complete feeler i am and always have been. nearly everything has always affected me to my core, just ask my mom she will tell you, my sisters, brother and dad they can also attest everything that happens affects me at some emotional level. for awhile i used to feel that this was some sort of detrimental piece of who i was, i was so deeply affected by things that i would feel too much, think too deeply and then react to the emotions that i was experiencing. and if i’m completely being honest, i will tell you it got me in trouble in so many ways in the past, probably burned bridges and misinterpreted a lot of situations and people because….things really got to me.

but now this part of me seems to be something thats allowing me to grow in strides as i embrace it in every aspect of my life. the beauty of the creative life is this dichotomous place which we live, the highs + the lows, the spaces between…and the ability to articulate and express that in some way or another depending on our focus.

i believe that the art of photography is directly correllated to us as people, its made up of the stories we want to share with the world, its the experiences of our past and present, our hopes for our future, our emotions that spark our voice as artists. our voices can be strong vehicles  for change when we understand what we want to say and share, when we get to the heart and the spirit of who we are….when we find our path and forge through it embracing all that comes on our way.

 style comes from our hearts. no one has our stories, our histories, our experiences, memories, no one feels in the same way…we can empathize with one another, we can connect with one another…but not one of us – is the same as the next.  i believe in projecting all of that, all of who we are and what we want into our work and how we approach life. its then that our vision our style takes on a life of their own life.

 i am learning to embrace the feeler, thinker, the girl who loves to be quiet but appreciates quality time and connection with people, the opinionated individual who perceives things and needs to make sense of them, the teacher who needs to encourage and inspire. i am challenging myself to not only  feel my way into situations into places and people… but to do so with a concrete understanding that its about

a blending of our stories, its not about mine, nor is it about yours…when we come together it becomes about ours.

 i am learning to be exactly who god has intended me to be and i want the same for you.

let me see beneath your beautiful – i want to see inside

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