nostalgic | project 12

january 12. 2013 | nostalgic

last april i met a woman who i felt a deep connection with and we made a promise together. that we would push ourselves and do big things together . so here we are beginning our second monthly project together..she is not only a forever friend  but a talented and gifted spirit.

on the twelfth of every month i will be part of a circle of photographers across the united states and a couple internationally. we are bounded by a passion,a gift, a feeling towards life…

while we are hundred or thousands of miles away from eachother, have varying styles…. we are close in kindred spirits for life, love and our ability to see.

i hope you will join us as we share in this journey together.


 the idea of these fleeting moments we experience,  that we remember and can feel with our hearts….yet undeniably cannot control or hold on to

….now take a look at the nostalgic thoughts, feelings and vision of Miss Tiffany Anderson of Katy Texas