mothers day special

i often wish there were more photographs of my mom with each of us as kids. i know she was busy being the multi-tasking super woman behind the camera, but i wish she was in the frame more often.
to be able to look back and remember the different stages of motherhood is a lasting gift of the sentiment of family.
perfectly undone as we are, a crazy family of seven, laughing and loving each and everyday
this is about all of you, together – just as you are
this is about preserving your connection
the love
the laughter
this is about your children
and how they see you now because they will want to cherish that forever
this is about nostalgia
this is about your hands as they wrap around her back
this is about their toes
this is about their relationship
this is about the chaos
the gift of life
this is about your love
your unwavering love
this is about making sure you have documented this fleeting time
so you can look back on it with adoring appreciation for the here and now
this is about motherhood
this is about FAMILY


from 5/8 – 5/15 you can give your family, your friend, your mother, sister, brother or even a stranger
the gift of being able to archive your love, life and connection at a special limited time price.
but you must remember… your children are priceless and they deserve to remember all this magic in their life


Please email me for more details, i would love to hear from YOU.


jessica eileen

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