into me…into you…RETREAT GIVE AWAY

if you know me, you could understand how isolated i often feel. i’m not afraid to tell you i feel alone. i feel as if i am always looking out this window into the lives others but the space i consume is dark and unknown. if you know jess, this two thousand thirteen jess you know this….but if you knew me a year ago, if you understood where i was two years ago…you would know, i would NEVER say this out loud. absolutely not.

you would have known a girl, who…understood it all..who had all the answers, who was defensive + irritable but when it came down to it …a girl who was unsure of herself…right mom?

but its funny…i welcomed this year, as it was…i feel comfortable saying that because i legit began the year alone in a city i love…without a friend in sight but i made so many because i let myself just be in this unknown place…i let something else take over.

i don’t have it together, i feel a little empty on days.

 i kick – i scream, but i dance…i DANCE every morning … because i have been given a gift, that i need to share.. so as the questions linger…there is a light, a vision which is more powerful than anything.  at some point…i began to own it, to not look out the window but to look into myself..i gave myself permission to BE 

i cannot explain whats going to happen at the lake – if i knew, i would share all the secrets…because i hate secrets. BUT i will tell you…i’m still wading, i’m still feeling, i’m still owning what is mine…and i can honestly tell you…theres this BIG piece of my heart thats ready to share, and i will do EVERYTHING i can to help you share YOURS! i am so glad that we are going to give some one the chance to join us who may have not otherwise thought this was possible..

i want to see some one join us at the retreat who wants to push buttons, some one who dreams, some one who feels, some one who knows they have it. some one who just GETS IT – what life is really about. i want someone who looks out the window and sees the rain…who feels the heaviness that the rain brings. i want some one who sees the rain, who knows the door can stay open while it rains…i want a friend who lets the world spin madly on..i want a friend who knows that the rain passes, that things aren’t as they seem…things are just exactly what we make of them…i want a friend who feels they need a friend who mirrors the person they are, the person they have been…but more importantly the person they want to be. i want a person who one day…will want to share it all with those around them. is it you?

If you think you (or someone you know) is deserving of a Pay It Forward seat to Turning Tides Retreat in Michigan – just give yourself a minute…SHARE a bit of who you are, who they are, and WHY you feel the PULL to join us at TURNING TIDES REATREAT. 



1. You must make sure you can actually make it to Turning Tides Retreat before entering, and that you can also afford to get yourself to Chicago (where we have transportation arranged to drive people to Michigan for the retreat). (See details about the exact dates and more on the site HERE.)

2. Leave a comment on this post with a paragraph explaining why you think Turning Tides is just what you need right now.

3. Post to Twitter (and/or) Facebook saying, “I hope I get a seat to Turning Tides!” using the hashtag #turningtides and including a link to the website (

Once you’ve done all of the above – we’ll add your name to the list to be considered. The winner will be announced on Monday, July 29th. Anyone who entered for the Pay It Forward seat but did not win is eligible for $100 off their seat all day Monday (should they decide to come to the retreat). Yay!

**The small print: You must enter by noon central time on Sunday, July 28th to qualify. You cannot have already purchased a ticket to Turning Tides. The tickets are not redeemable for cash value, nor can they be transferred to a friend (we’ll pick the next person deserving if the winner is unable to go). 

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