friendship travels

there’s so much life out in the world…and inside of me lies a desire to feel it, to see it and be a part of it.

last october on a trip to NYC a man i had met while he was tending bar the night before saw me grabbing a cab and asked where i was headed.  i told him it was time head back home which he responded “you are the free bird – carry on” i will always remember that exchange on a corner in the lower east side. this stranger had shared a truth about me,  i need to carry on traveling my way through this world – experiencing life through new places and people. something happens when you travel you begin to see a part of the world that makes you appreciate something new, to taste life, to reflect, to grow – to grab ahold of the moment so it wont ever pass and when it does you feel more alive because of it.

this trip to london was no exception..seamlessly blending into the everyday life in south kensington – thanks to our dear friend stewart who let us ruin his life for a week.

i felt a new way of life, walked for miles just taking each sight in, drank plenty of wine and ate very well. i laughed harder than i have ever laughed in my life – tears in your eyes kind of laughter…the type that you have to force yourself out of the situation or you may pee your pants. there are certain friendships who just allow you to be you, exactly as you are and those friendships are truly rare.

chelsea is one of those friends…we have  found a way to understand each other, embrace our uniqueness, encourage yet challenge each other to be honest + real with ourselves and others.  i’m a better person because she is my best friend

((one hundred percent))

i found myself having to photograph almost every single angle + moment of this trip so that i could keep it with me forever.

photographs are just that – a way for us to freeze a moment in time, to savor it – feel it again + again. so the moment never dies. promising wonderment. an access to a realm beyond the everyday. the experience of seeing and feeling that may help us understand the everyday a little better.












this free bird is ready to fly again – the question is where to ?