a freebird’s sentimental life

in november of 2012 i went to new york alone

the night i arrived on the lower east side i met a man who was tending the corner bar – he asked me my story – and what brought me to new york

we shared conversation about the intensity of new york + the inspiration it contains on the street and in its people.

 that week brought me so much strength, i can still feel it. i will hold those memories close to my heart. 

sitting alone in the park watching the yellow leaves swirl the ground. walking the street at night with its glimmering lights. enjoying a dinner with a book amongst the intensity of a crowded restaurant on the west side.

the conversations with strangers. a date with a boy.  photographing a beautiful model.  sipping coffee and observing the movement of the city.

it was my first solo trip to new york so it was the beginning of freeing myself from the confines of depending on others.

i met a new best friend, a old soul and incredible photographer miss yan palmer- we celebrated her 30th birthday dancing on the lower east side + ended the night in brooklyn.  she is a kindred spirit – despite our distance – the time between conversations…we completely we get each other.

yet another reason why i believe in serendipity… there is a bigger reason why two crazy girls found themselves alone in new york that weekend. i believe theres a purpose + place  for everything if we choose to look.

my final morning new york i woke early for coffee carrying my bags and i ran into the same older man on the corner in the LES who looked my way and said “where are you heading next?”

i told him  i was heading home but that i would be back…

he looked to me with a smile and said

“i know you will, carry on free bird”

that trip that moment, gave me permission to be the free spirit i am

a friend asked me about my spirit animal and as i dug deeper i realize more specifically  in detail why a certain bird, was….me

the hawk

when you have the hawk as a spirit animal, you may have an inclination towards using the power of vision and intuition in your daily life. the hawk totem provides wisdom about seeing situations from a higher perspective, using the power of observation, and focusing on the task at hand. it’s a good companion to develop spiritual awareness

everyday i see, each day i hope. each day i try to embrace, to savor

everyday i think about how i can be a better version of me

each day i listen

each day i love

and then there are some days, i choose to bleed for the sentiment

because it gives me meaning

i am a seeker of meaning – of purpose

the little moments, the connection of humans, the lyrics to a song, the smile of a stranger, the artifacts passed down from family, the quiet walks, the laughter, the reflection

these things are peices of the search they allow me to spread out of the trenches of my soul and into the world

to be able to share it with others

last week i decided to get a tattoo that shared this sentiment of who i am

a liberating experience as i began to articulate the why of the tattoo and weave it with its visual design

three birds in motion moving from within to the outside

transforming. growing. stretching. taking flight.

 just as i am sentimentally embracing this journey, this tattoo empowers these pieces of who i am and what i am on a quest to find – it encompasses the the sensitivity, the strength, the freedom


photo by my dear friend christy tyler

as i mentioned in my previous post about ripping off the bandaid i appreciate that everything to me has an emotional connection, that i seek and that i feel

that post has stirred up a few of us to take flight together to embrace our sentimental selves – as humans we thrive on connection, purpose and when we feel appreciated for our sentimental hearts we can fly free

you know that feeling when something stirs something up in your soul? you know know that feeling when you receive a handwritten note from a friend? you know that feeling that you experience when you are a midst a moment of laughter with friends? the emotion that runs through you as you watch your children grow or the love of your life expresses how much they care?

join us in the search by posting those sentimental moments of life. the words that make you dig deeper, the moments that light up your soul, the people who mean the world to you, the connection, the tears, the laughter, the artifacts, the handwritten notes, the kind gestures of a stranger that make this world so freaking beautiful…. you never know how paying attention to these things can really shift your perspective and thus the choices you make in this beautiful life you have the ability to design. and the most rewarding part of this all…

BRE_7671-Edit copy
                    its going to look so different for each of us + i can’t wait to see your unique perspective.

carpe diem kids,

and just because these lyrics are so meaningful to me right now + matt corby is dreamy…no chelsea i don’t care that he’s five years younger than me.


much love,