filling voids

the first man she will ever love. a man whose support, love, faith, friendship, leadership …his example … will forever develop the vision of who she wants in the next love of her life. 

i love the father daughter dance at weddings its a time of the day i find myself overwhelmed with emotion – often crying as i observe and document this special moment between the bride and her father. i often wonder what he is whispering in her ear. the feeling she has in the pit of her stomach. i want to know what they are laughing about together. what they went through together all these years that brought them here. many times i think about my dad. many times i think about my friends whose fathers cannot be a part of this special moment with them one day.  i find myself completely involved in the moment with the bride + her father..sometimes more than the first dance. there’s something so special about it to me.

i have come to find that i am projecting a lot of personal pieces/feelings into the work i produce – especially when it comes to weddings…its almost as if i’m searching so intentionally for these fleeting embracing moments of connection through out the day in order to complete something for myself. so that i can fill the void with the captures and share them with those who were a part of that moment…so they can feel, remember, and connect with this time in their life- because thats what i want for myself too. i want to be able to feel the things i observe for myself one day – but since i don’t have that right now, this is how i fill my cup up.

as artists we do that – our work is a representation of something

we are people who think and submerse ourselves into something in order to make as much sense of it so we can communicate it with world.

the more i understand about myself

the better i can become for others

the more i love

the more i share