elena + jimmy | engaged

 there are certain people who you meet that leave you with a feeling that you are a better person because you know them.

the type of people who have this unwavering kindness and genuine way in the way they go about their lives.

elena and jimmy are those kind of people, individually they are great but together they are simply amazing. i was introduced to this couple through my best friend and upon our initial email correspondence i knew elena was someone i would like to know. meeting her and jimmy, spending time with them over dinner and throughout  their connection session was a complete blessing. elena and jimmy are beautiful people inside and out, together they have something special – its one of kind. their connection is real, it is meaningful and it comes from the heart. their love is… what i believe to be a type of love that just makes sense, it is grounded in a mutual respect for the other, adoration for each other and a way of being that makes each other stronger and challenges them to be the best version of themselves.

that is something that every person deserves.














jimmy and elena, thank you for welcoming me into your lives … for being who you are and for your unwavering kind hearts.

i look forward to capturing all your sweet love tomorrow as you celebrate this very very special time in your lives.

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