dear dad

dear dad,

i realize i don’t often tell you how much i love you.

its been awhile since i really shared how much i appreciate the man you are.

i haven’t expressed how much the lessons, the work ethic you have demonstrated and instilled in me by example mean to me.  i hope you know that even though its been awhile since i told you that and much more that i always feel that way. i hope you know i love that i am such an early riser, that i am persistent and opinionated, that i spend my days wired on coffee, and that i have a dorky sense of humor…because i get that from you. 

i hope you know, i am thankful for who you are as a person to our family and to others, i appreciate the change you have worked so hard to achieve. i believe that you are an amazing person and i am so blessed to call you my father.

i am better because of the grace you have given to me when i needed it most. 

dad, i know how hard today is for you but it is your birthday too, and you deserve to be happy. you deserve to feel loved. you know john would want that for you. for you to feel his love on the birthday you share.

so i hope you know, that even when things are not said out loud that they are felt with the heart. i hope you know that despite the obstacles you have faced, your family loves you and appreciates you. i hope you know i couldn’t imagine life without you – i owe so much to you and mom for all you have done to make this family the unit we are, i wish i could repay you for all the things you have given and continue to give me as well as the rest of the kids. i appreciate the endless opportunities you make possible for all of us. we are so blessed. so dad, i hope you have a wonderful birthday. i hope you know how much you are loved.  i hope you know, i am blessed to have you always by my side. 


with love,