come undone – as you are

warrington, cornell, hampton, central, and rose. those are the names of the streets i lived on growing up. each house shared a unique season of our life as a family. each home is filled with memories of our childhood. nearly each home also brought a new sibling for me and with our growing family our lives were not what one would say picture perfect… my parents were children themselves, figuring it out but enjoying it with all their hearts… there were crumbs in the couch cushions, laundry for days, toys on the floor and unmade beds but what our home spoke about was love and life. it spoke of time being spent on one another and not on the look of it all. our home spoke of our story, changing and growing. each time i drive past one of those houses i am filled with this sentiment of appreciation for what it gave to me – not the house itself per say but the energy, memories, and love that it contained.

when i talk with people about photographing in their home, i assume the initial wave of thoughts rush through their head… the house isn’t clean, we haven’t finished painting the bedroom, i have been meaning to buy a new sofa or sheets for our bed, there’s so much laundry, or when will i have time to do the dishes…but there’s a way around that stuff, theres beauty in your home – in your story…theres love and energy that the children bring out when they are in their happy place. everyone becomes completely undone and we listen to the moment, we listen to this time of life and we can look back on it with an adoring appreciation for the raw moments of life unraveling. so i encourage you to embrace this moment as it is here and now – come undone – as you are.








“Looking at the pictures felt like looking at memories. And it felt like looking at a visual representation of the feeling of our family. It’s crazy. The photo of the 4 of us all just lounging in our bedroom – that one might be our favorite. Because it feels utterly like life. It’s us. You look at the picture and you forget that there’s actually a photographer in the room taking photos, because the picture feels so raw and intimate, like you snuck in and captured moments that we usually wouldn’t invite others to be a part of. Because of that, we know these photos will be something we will always treasure, as a memory of this season of our life. Being young and married with our two amazing kids” - Christi + Than

a lot more love below but i know your kids, your life is waiting for you to embrace outside of this blog…

carpe diem




 Than and Christi are writers, filmmakers, directors, creatives, parents etc they are the…game changers…

check out their short film called REMOVED (click here)… this film won Best Film and Audience Choice at the 168 Film Festival, as well as winning Best Film at the Enfoque Film Festival and it was an official selection at the Santa Barbara Independent Film Festival. They are incredibly talented individuals and I look forward to seeing all that is in store for their adventurous storytelling life!