BE LOVE (part two)

BE love.

if you know me, you have seen this over and over in everything i write

you have heard me justify where i am capable of BEing LOVE instead of being in love.

i wrote about this back in february as well

i have chosen to believe, that life is made up of moments. its made up of feelings. of people. of circumstances. of beliefs. its made up of expectations. of choices. and its made up of what we decide to we stand for.

instead of standing for something some one, some group, history or even my family has decided to deem as a way to live.

i want to BE. i want to be LOVE.

i don’t need to fall in love, or be loved by anyone to choose to stand for it.

i get to choose to be aware of beauty

i get to choose to see the things around me as love.

the light at the end of the street that i cant help but tell my friends to notice how beautiful the clouds are…thats BEing love.

opening their eyes to something is BEing LOVE

 this may mean taking an extra minute to write my note on a piece of paper instead of in a text message.

BEing LOVE just may mean that i slow down enough to look and try to feel what the people around me are feeling.

this may mean spending a little money on myself so I can sit to dinner in a restaurant to hear conversations and have a better understanding of humanity.

BEing LOVE may mean waking up a few hours earlier than i’m expected to be at work just to show the girl who is about to get married that I am that excited for her that i show up an hour before i’m expected.

it may mean listening to the guy on the street who asks for a dollar how his morning was

this may mean putting down my cell phone in the cab so i can hear about my drivers children and the funny stories he want to share.

its doesn’t take much.

it takes choosing

it takes slowing down

to BE in the moment

and FEEL

truly feel

to let go of what we thought was LOVE and truly begin to see what it means to BE LOVE.

i have come to learn the difference and for that i am thankful.

Because to BE love includes

compassion, understanding, choice, passion, intensity, awareness, compromise,

 it is not dependent on another person

for everyday

i just want to BE LOVE for the moment and whatever that may be

after all, i’m a dreamer who instead of believing in love wants to



and if you would like… here is my first post about this….

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