i’ve been listening to the same song for the last twenty four hours on a loop.

theres a certain anticipation and build that happens in the sound.

im feeling that way – on the brink of something new.

on the edge.

ready. not so certain.

open. yet so closed.

yearning. and so at peace.

theres a movement rushing through my soul, i’ve been stirring it up for months.

its time to release the tension. just enough to build it back up again.

in two days ill take a road trip to cincinnati to be a witness to the beginning of a new season in two individuals life

i will be there to seize the moments on film so that for many years to come, they can feel that energy again.

its funny how nervous this makes me, i have had giddy nerves of anticipation all week.

im so excited for these two. i am so happy this is what i am called to do.

to not only be a witness but a participant in what could be the most memorable day of their life.

to pay attention to everything and everyone.

 to see how their gestures, their hands show their emotion

to watch as friends laugh together – making memories without even realizing it

to share how beautiful the day truly was and what is was all about – people

one of my favorite moments during the day is to watch the first dance, the father/daughter dance, the mother/son dance

- you see, i get to get up close to them, my hearts beams as i watch their conversation, sometimes i can make out what they are saying to one another.

but i get to truly watch their expressions on their face

how their bodies connect

how their hands lay on the others back

the way they connect in the moment as if they are all alone

i walk away from every wedding with a new understanding of life, love, and connection.

with a new appreciation for family

with a joy of anticipation

with each wedding

i become a little more certain


and yearning

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