amy + dan

blogging is not easy. i give so much credit to the photographers who can consistently blog every day – for me its a process, i’m an over thinker – we all know this but really it takes SO much time for me to put it all together. one day maybe i will figure it out. but for now – i’m pretty inconsistent in my approach and thats ok.  i believe we each have our own ways.

this session was one of my favorites not only because i have known these two incredible people for awhile now 

but because their relationship is so unique and special.

amy + dan have been dating have been dating for thirteen years. yes, thirteen years – half of their lives.

they are two strong independent individuals who have grown up together, seen each other through it all and love each other more and more everyday.

i believe in love stories like theirs

i believe that friendship is the foundation for every incredible relationship

i believe in believing in your better half and encouraging them in their dreams

i believe in trust, time and tangible moments

i believe in amy + dan

i cannot wait  for this weekend, to be there to watch them say i do, to share in the love of their special day + to preserve it  in each and every capture so that in another thirteen years they can look back at the photographs of their connection now and say lets make the next thirteen even better then the last.