a reminder of the purpose

something happens when you are alone and away from home. you begin to feel in tune with yourself, your heart and your purpose.

you see the world for what it is, what it could be and all that you hope for. you understand time as its relativity to your place along the journey and you begin to really and truly connect with the people that surround you.  something in the quiet moment with its intense vulnerability among the open air you feel the strongest.

it wasnt always this way, in fact for a very long time you felt dependent and insecure. but you fought through (are fighting through) the awkwardness and the place of self doubt and discovered who you could be. who you are meant to be. in the long drawn out process of reaching into you heart..right down to the core of your story until you knew you could share it – unapologetically.

what happens when you look through the shadows and into the light – you find yourself.

don’t be blinded with distraction of others and their story…it will only take longer to share yours. what is yours, what colors it what makes it unique. what do you want out of this life you have been given and if you know what you want – take a leap of faith, run into the light and climb the stairs..it may take time and some steps may be bigger than the others but whats going to happen is that you will realize that in the process of the climb you are sharing your journey. you are living your story.

everyones paths are colored differently, they take different turns and hold different qualities but they are each so important to the others. run after your purpose, your vision, your way of doing things. feel it. live it and share it with those around you.

and always remind yourself…may your work always be in stride with your purpose along the way.