2012 : the year that changed me.

i will be honest. i have tried to prepare this post for days. but every time i sit to write down my thoughts and reflections on what this year has meant to me, i become all sorts of overwhelmed. words cannot express how grateful i am that god has brought each of you into my life and the gift he’s provided me in doing the very thing that makes MY HEART SO HAPPY

i believe that everything happens for a reason and this year, this work  THE LOVE AFFAIR i have created with my camera…has changed me. THE TRUST of my clients has changed me. THE FAITH of my family and friends has changed me.

for the first time in my life, i feel like im writing my own story.

its scattered. its in flux. its fun. its exhausting.  but regardless of the feeling  of this chapter…its  my story and i am able to write it the way id like it to be.

but right now, lets take a look back at your stories.

all this love.  is what its all about. its the reason why we are here. thank you for letting me  document your beautiful lives. i am forever grateful for you 2012…